I was raised by strong women. Each of them has taught me something different, from how to cook things from scratch and not be afraid of messes, to following my dreams with reckless abandon. Rosie is a symbol of these people who have influenced me and propelled me on the path in life I have taken.

These posts are scribblings from my overactive brain. Not that I’m highly intelligent, I just talk to myself a lot. Is that bad?

I love sharing my mistakes with people almost more than the triumphs, there’s just so much more to choose from! A wise man told me once that if you look at the side of a mountain, you’ll notice that at the peak, there is a treeline where all growth stops. But if you shift your eyes down to the valley, at the lowest points is where the forest is dense and lush. The low points in our life are what shape us into the people we are, and while getting it right is good, there isn’t much to learn if there’s nothing and no one to look up to.

I really just have a passion for cooking and gardening, and writing has just always been something I’ve done to de-stress. I won’t always have the best pictures, or flawless writing, but if I can educate you a little on the knowledge I’ve learned by osmosis and make you giggle, I’ve done what I came to do.


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